The text "symbiosis" centred over a green and yellow-toned background with a texture reminiscent of coral sponges or tubers, fungi or crystals, with heavy digital glitching.

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A glitchy blue interpretation of a microbe - an image used in the Symbiosis installation to represent one of the artworks.


Symbiosis is an interactive digital installation featuring works that explore microbial reproduction, digital decay and digital futures. It showcases pieces devised by four transdisciplinary artists, whose collaborative contributions respond to the biological phenomenon of symbiosis. Through the collective’s transdisciplinary dialogue, sonic, visual, somatic, textual and interactive elements are combined to form a set of interconnected experiences. They invite viewers, listeners, audience members and players to dive into recursive responses to microbial sex processes, crawl through the internet’s squirming and churning ecosystem, embrace microbial sensations, traverse internal landscapes and reach for collective futuring.



paths through the microbial sex loops by Ande Clock and Mia Windsor
decay sim by George Micah Kuhn
Microbial Sex Video Comic by Toi Guy with Mia Windsor, Ande Clock, Saya Naruse and Ella Yolande
Cybershore Meditations by Toi Guy with Kiik Amor, Studio Misti and George Micah Kuhn

Production Team

Maria Cynkier – Digital Artist Coordinator

Xavier Velastín – Project Designer
Iris Colomb – Project Designer
Virág Pázmány – Project Designer


Harriet Frayling – Access Consultant
David Gregory (The Software Collective) – Technical Support
Danielle Rose – Production Support
Rachael Burton – Evaluation Support

Saya Naruse – Camera Operator, Microbial Sex Video Comic
Ella Yolande – Visuals, Microbial Sex Video Comic
Studio Misti – Creative Collaborator, Microbial Sex Video Comic

Kiik Amor – Sound Design, Cybershore Meditations

Mishma Toppo – Coding Consultant, paths through the microbial sex loops


  • Mar 2022 – Development Fund award from Pervasive Media Studios / Watershed
  • May 2022 – Project Grants award from Arts Council England
  • July 2022 – Conceptualising and writing the open call for artists
  • Jan 2023 – Open Call published across online channels
  • Mar 2023 – Project Designers process 200+ applications for Open Call
  • May 2023 – Confirm artists and hire Artist Coordinator. Project starts!
  • June 2023 – Complete feedback for unsuccessful applicants
  • July 2023 – Mid-point check in: artists confirm their projects and confirm external collaborators
  • Dec 2023 – Artists finish contributions
  • Jan 2024 – Technical implementation of contributions to website by Project Designers
  • Mar 2024 – Symbiosis is published publicly, and the project is completed!

The Organism Collective

We are an artist network founded in 2023 with the aim of devising and delivering interdisciplinary digital pieces. We draw inspiration from biological structures like fungal networks, spider webs and microbial communities – both in the kind of work we create, and in how we organise ourselves as a collective. To find out more about the collective and our practices, visit the About page. 


The Organism Collective and the Symbiosis project are made possible with the support of our partners: Watershed‘s Pervasive Media Studio Development Fund, devising space in-kind from New Diorama Theatre and Project Grants funding from Arts Council England via the National Lottery.

Putting together Symbiosis involved over 1,000 hours of work – from the initial conceptualising stage, to finding our artists via open call, to creating the pieces, to putting them together in this interactive website. This was supported by our partner organisations and with the generous support of donations.

Although this phase of Symbiosis is over, further donations will help us:

  • Apply to competitions and festivals that have an application fee,
  • Smooth out the rough edges of our website’s user experience,
  • Reach new audiences and communities,
  • Invite more artists to join our network,
  • Develop new digital pieces.

If you would like to contribute to Organism, thank you! The easiest way is to buy us a ‘coffee’ over at If you would like to discuss another way you can support us, email us at